Famous Canadian decor and interior brands

Interior designers and high-end decor can transform raw spaces into beautiful rooms. They are what you need if you want an office space that boosts productivity or a home you would fall in love with.

We understand that it can be hard task choosing between different luxury pieces in retail stores or online stores. Don’t worry – we’ve come up with a list to help you do just that.

What decor and interior designs you can find in Canada

Canada’s decor style is widely diverse. In this article, we are going to tackle Canada’s favorite decor stores.


The Toronto based furniture store has been running for 17 years. It was previously referred to as Gus modern. Stylegarage now occupies two-storey showroom in the bust city of Toronto.

The store is a good source for buying sophisticated furniture and cool lighting lamps. Their aesthetic look can be described as mid-century modern.

EQ3, Winnipeg

EQ3 was founded in 2001, and it makes contemporary Canadian furniture. EQ3 is proudly Canadian. The brand has customized pieces that can be integrated into any environment. The pieces are made in Winnipeg factory.

However, the ideal manufactured pieces are not always possible in Canada. 30% of EQ3 products like dining sets and office storage are manufactured in Indonesia. But clients are assured of quality craftsmanship for all EQ3 products.


Simons is a 175-year-old family-owned business. The stores are spread out throughout Canada. Recently, Simons opened its 12th store outside Quebec in Ontario.

A lot of are particularly fascinated by the beddings. For instance, Simons partnered with Le Germain hotel to create signature Egyptian beddings for their hotel rooms.

The Cross-Decor and Design

The Cross-Decor and Design opened in 2003 in Yaletown, Vancouver. Since then the brand has been making every home comfortable through its designs.

Darci Ilich and Stephanie Vogler founded the brand. Under the leadership of the two, the cross- decor team is made up of dreamers and visionaries who have a passion for interior designs.

They have incorporated an online store that has everything from beds, home decor, furniture, jewellery and gift registry.

 The Art Shoppe

The Art Shoppe is the biggest furniture store in Toronto. The store was opened in 1936 and features high-end furniture from all over the world. The Art Shoppe has a comprehensive interior design department. The beautiful furniture is displayed in a 70,000 square foot room. They range from the dining room, living room and bedroom furniture and accents such as pillows and lighting.

The Art Shoppe is home for luxury shopping. Their online store is available making it boast of quality shipping service worldwide.

Tonic living

The tonic Living is a family owned business that was founded in 2003.  The Toronto based retail store is renowned for its modern curated collection of accents. They include pillows, fabrics and sewing needles.

The fully stocked retail store is open to designers, decorators, and home decor lovers. The expert team of Toronto offers sewing services to the public. They help their customers lay out a soulful blend of texture and color in their space.