Major Canadian interior manufacturing companies

Major Canadian interior manufacturing companies

Looking to make your home look better? If you are living in Canada and are looking at the U.S. for your interior décor needs, you really shouldn’t.  We are sure you are looking to invest money when it comes to home decor- so why not do it right?  You need to hire a decor designer who will bring your vision to life, and you have many professionals to choose from right within Canada.

Canadian interior and decor companies do not get as much attention as they should. If you are wondering about the top Canadian interior and manufacturing companies, here is a look.

1. Navigate Design, Toronto

Navigate design is an award-winning interior design company. The company is based in Toronto and specializes in hospitality and luxury retail. Through an integrated inspiration the brand transforms and brings life to any space.

Navigate Design, Toronto

The team comprises of aesthetic designers who create iconic designs. Projects from North America and the Middle East have been worked on for a period of time. One of the most famous designs is the JW Marriott Marquise.

2. Tact Architecture, Toronto

Tact Architecture is an interior design firm that is fully based in Toronto. Tact design was established by Micheal Krus. The design company has a different approach to how it handles space. Budgets and schedules are not looked upon as constraints but as a window of creativity.

They commonly work with developers and Property Owners to distinguish which design to specialize. However, the Tact team has also worked with commercial, retail, restaurant and office designs. It is through the experience of Michael Krus that Tact has infused strong sensitivity to architecture and design.

3. Dialog, Central Vancouver

Dialog started off in a basement with just two people Joost Baker and Norm Hotson. But forty years later the pair has grown to about 125 designers. The Dialog is popular in Vancouver because they have formed some of the best buildings and neighborhoods.

Their first project was the Granville Island. They were hired by the government to transform the abandoned industry into an urban realm. The team came up with a plan to constitute the whole project for the people. And it was a success. Granville Island is the second most visited site after the Niagara Falls.

4. Zebra Design Company, Victoria

Zebra design company is an award-winning home design company based in Vancouver. For the last 20 years, head designer Rus Collins has worked with thousands of clients. He has a good eye to discern structures and transforming them into aesthetic designs.

Zebra Design Company, Victoria

Zebra designs are at the forefront of building a strong reputation on interior designs that will stand the test of time. Collaborating with a vast number of builders and consultants, Zebra design company is always at par with new by laws that keep in changing.  Each client is guaranteed of a beautiful design no matter the budget or timeline.