The top popular flea and street markets in Canada

For a lot of people, a visit to the flea market is very sentimental. At any flea market, you would find that there are four species of buyers: nostalgic buyer, creative buyer, common buyer and expert buyer.

A successful seller will distinguish the different types of sellers and adapts their sales pitch. If you’re in Canada, you would love the vibrant flea and street markets, and we will take a look at just what you can expect below.

Places to buy furniture and home decor

Ontario and Montreal are some of the most popular cities in Canada. They have upscale shops and chain stores that offer a variety of options for the thrifty shopper. The following is a list of famous flea and street markets that sell furniture and home decor in Canada.

1. Metropolitan flea market

The Marche aux puces Metropolitan flea market has over 700 stalls. This is the biggest interior flea market in Canada. It has a wide range of housewares from small appliances, kitchenware, home decors and frames that are ready to be hanged.

A lot of the furniture sold is considered junk, but as long as you have great skills, you are sure to get what you are searching for.

2. St Hubert flea market (Boutique Marcado)

Boutique Marcado is the first five-star flea market on the south shore of Montreal. The Flea market has been running for the last twenty years. The store offers good furniture for anyone who needs second-hand products.

3. Waterford Antique Market, Ontario

The market was opened in 1999, and it has grown tremendously over the past years. It has an array of vintage Canadian pottery, upcycled furniture, and antique homeware.

The market is always buzzing with people. So, nobody should waste any time when around. The area has had huge cases of pickpocketing. But the area has amazing vintage stuff.

4. Aberfoyle Antique Market, Ontario

Aberfoyle Antique Market is just an hour away from the city of Toronto. The market has been running for the last twenty years. A lot of folks travel from all over Canada come shop at this market.

The market opens on Sunday, and with more than 100 dealers they showcase various products. They include homeware, secondhand clothes, old-fashioned furniture, and antiques.

5. Christie Antique and Vintage Show

The Christie Antique and Vintage Show have been running for 30 years. It attracts vendors and customers from all over Canada. Every year they hold two events-one in the fall and the other during spring.

The events are always packed with over 10,000 people ravaging through 10 acres of land exploring lost treasure. The products found include folk arts, furniture, sports memorabilia, cut glass, home decor and so much more. Any visitor willing to attend the events is always advised to arrive early. The vintage products attract a lot of traffic jams which are unavoidable.

Canadian flea markets have an experience of their own. When are you looking to visit one?